CIS 312 Final Exam Answers

CIS 312 Final Exam Answers
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A(n) ____ increases a signal’s strength (amplitude) and can extend a signal’s range by boosting signal power to overcome attenuation.

Square waves can be generated by rapidly switching (pulsing) an electrical or optical power source—a technique called ____.

A(n) ____ is the maximum number of bits or bytes per second that the channel can carry.

Messages can be loosely categorized into two types—data messages and command messages.

____ mode uses a single shared channel, and each node takes turns using the transmission line to transmit and receive.

Noise can be introduced into copper, aluminum, and other wire types by ____.

In DCE, the security server issues security “____” to each party that are exchanged to verify identities.

Servers can be offline or idle except when needed to access client resources.

With ____, a resource user asks for a resource, and if it isn’t found in the local resource registry, the resource locator searches for it in external locations.

With the ____ protocol, a process on one machine can call a process on another machine

With P2P architecture, there are more potential bottlenecks and points of failure.

A server manages system resources and provides…

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