IS 581 Entire Course Milestones A Graded Material

IS 581 Entire Course Milestones A Graded Material and paste Above Link In Your Browser to Purchase this tutorial..!!!!Course Description:IS581 Milestone 1&2 Case study Coastline Systems Consulting

Part 1 of 6: Milestones 1 & 2 (80 pts.) – Due Week 2
Be sure to read the Project area of each Assignment section, as they talk directly to the milestone tasks. Also, for review purposes, note that typical milestone solutions will be posted on Wednesday morning of the following week. This is necessary as it is important.
Request for System Services form
Problem Statement Matrix
Context Diagram
Problems, Opportunities, Objectives, and Constraints Matrix
Tentative List of Functional and Non-Functional Requirements
Review all of the Milestone project steps below. Post questions in the CTTS Milestone discussion area.
Milestone 1
The purpose of the preliminary investigation phase is threefold. First, it answers the question, “Is this project worth looking at?” To answer this question, this phase must define the scope of the project and the perceived problems, opportunities, and directives that triggered the project.
In this milestone, you will prepare a Request for System Services, which is the trigger for the preliminary investigation phase. Also, you will use fact-finding techniques to extract and analyze information from an interview to determine project scope, level of management commitment, and project feasibility for the Client Technology Tracking System (CTTS). With these facts and facts obtained from the Case Background, you will have the necessary information to complete the Problem Statement Matrix.
Milestone 1 Instructions
For this milestone, you will be using the following templates/resources:
Click here for Template A
Click here for Template B

IS581 Milestone 3&4 Case study Coastline Systems Consulting
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