NT 2670 Final exam

NT 2670 Final exam
1. Which of the following roles enables users working at another computer on the company network or on the Internet to establish a connection to a server and open an application or desktop session therea. File Services
b. Terminal Services
c. Web Server (IIS)
d. Application Server
2. Which of the Windows Server 2008 installation options is a stripped-down version of the operating system, where there is no Start menu, no desktop Explorer shell, no MMC console, and virtually no graphical applicationsa. Server Core
b. Web Edition
c. Virtual server
d. Enterprise Edition
3. When a client runs an application on a terminal server, which of the following resources does the application utilizea. The client computer’s memory resources
b. The client computer’s processor resources
c. The client computer’s hard disk drive resources
d. The terminal server’s resources
4. Which of the following is a complete installation of an operating system that runs in a software environment emulating a physical computera. Virtual Server
b. Server Core
c. Terminal Services
5. _______________ is an MMC console that provides a selection of the most commonly used Windows Server 2008 management tools.
a. Active Directory Users and Computers
b. Server Manager
c. Active Directory Sites and Services
d. Server Configuration Manager
6. The Add Roles Wizard provides roles that fall into three basic categories: Directory services, Application services, and ___________.
a. Web services
b. Infrastructure services
c. UDDI services
d. Terminal services
7. ____________ enable you to use a Web site to publish files located anywhere on the network.
a. Virtual Directories
b. Network Directories
c. FTP Directories
d. Proxy server filtering
8. Which of the following correctly identifies the HTTP binding options availablea. IP Address, MAC Address, Host Header
b. IP Address, Port Number, Domain Name
c. IP Address, Port Number, Host…

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