Effect of Global Warming
Nowadays, Global warming is a very well-known topic in 21st century because global warming causes our environment polluted and damaged. It’s even bringing many problems to the natural and living organisms. The main reason which causes the happening of global warming is the releasing of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Hence, the culprit of global warming is human beings. Due to human selfishness and greediness, they’ve created pollutions such as burning expert assignment help the rubbish, factory releasing the harmful and chemical substances and others. These actions have directly polluted the environment and cause to global warming that affects our life and ecosystem.
First, global warming caused environment temperature increases and leads to the North’s and South’s pole ice bergs keep melting and causes sea level to increase. We can imagine that if a big ice berg melted and become water, then the sea level will continue to increase and cover land part. According to this reason, the area of land will be decreasing gradually. Hence, the consequence of it is living organisms such as plants, animals and even human beings have no place to stay. The earth surface will mainly cover by the water, not the land. Long after this, living organisms have to search for other places that suitable for them to stay. Besides, once ice bergs melted and disappeared will cause the animals that living at the South and North poles losing their habitat and also their sources of food. After that, sea level rising will also cause many places flooded, especially sea island such as Maldives, Netherland and others. According to the scientists and news recent years, they have estimated in the further years that these places will be disappeared on the earth due to the increase of sea level.
Second, global warming is not only caused the environment temperature increases but also climate and weather changes. Climate and weather changes caused many natural disasters…

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