312Final Paper

Final Paper
SOC 312
Instructor: Knowland
Ashford University
Afeon Stapleton-Jackson
February 14, 2015 Starting out as a first parent can be hard because you do not know anything. As a friend, I will help you along the way to make the best decision for your child. I had to learn myself on how to take care and understand the development of a child it is not easy. Children they develop differently and adapt to things in a different setting. Therefore, I will give you advice that will help you in successfully raising your child.
The ecological model developed by Bronfenbrenner is conceptualizing all of the many environmental influences on a child’s life and socialization. This reason I bring this to your attention is because children develop in different stages by viewing this ecological model it will give you the understanding and why children do the things they do. The ecological model is defined as five interlocking systems, which are placed on a continuum that ranges from the most intimate to the broadest (Bojczyk et. al, 2012). For example, the contexts of these stages begin at home and work their way out through school, church, and neighborhood. With these frameworks moving within the stages, they can be encompassing the current laws, policies, and cultural values and beliefs that ultimately have a direct and indirectly affection on children during their development. The systems are as follow microsystem, mesosystem, exosystem, macrosystem, and chronosystem. In addition to, these systems the first four of the ecological model it operates directly with the interactions of the child the fifth level in which the chronosystem, places the child and these interactions with a historical context.
The Microsystems is the first interacting model it show pattern of activities, roles, and interpersonal relationships experienced by the developing person in a given setting. For example, Kathy is influenced by her parents;…

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