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Software Structures
Unit 6 Assignment 2Daniel Bradley Functions

•Functions are actions and are codes that carry out and run tasks and in
some cases, different types of programs.
Function actions end up giving the user a result at the end.
Visual Basic is an example of a program that uses functions
Numerical functions include numbers in its coding.
The other function is user defined. This is when configuration of the
scaffolding assignments examples function is left up to the user.
A function action example would be a calculationDaniel Bradley Procedures

•Procedures are user events such as inputting a number into a program. It then
gives the program a set of instructions which then carries out an action.
Procedures are event driven. An example would be clicking a button.
Another example of a procedure would be displaying a message. For example:
Procedures are In Built
The coding behind a program is procedural because the code is given a set of
instructions by the user to perform the action which the user has coded the
program to perform.Daniel Bradley Class and Objects
• Class and objects links different types of data together.
• Object Orientated programming is used to link together
separated classes and objects.
• This programming is started from the base called the Class.
• Objects are put into the Class.Daniel Bradley Abstraction of Data
• Abstraction of Data is the hiding of data from a program user,
such as code. An example of this is Google as the program
user does not see all of the code behind Google Search.
• Abstraction of data can also remove parts of code that is not
necessary. This can make the code shorter which results in
more memory saved and the code running faster.
• This would be an example of Abstraction of Data as no coding
comes up when a person is using Google Search.Daniel Bradley Predefined Code
• Predefined code is a code that has already been
created and…

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