Atrium Case

Atrium swimming private club have operated for 47 year in a very tight knit community. The owner of club has a clause in membership agreement that states Management reserves the right to admit and discharge any persons it deems inappropriate to the safety and continuity of the club. As many other clubs come under fire by ACLU. The club stand a challenge under the federal and state discrimination laws.
Atrium club is located in a specific area and only for same homogenous background people who live in that neighborhood. According to 2000 U.S. census 88% of resident are white so it’s a town with majority of same homogenous people so first right to attain membership of Atrium club must be given to these people because these people are civic minded and it will be a problem for them to adjust with people from different community and background. In whole world different places have been specified for either male or female and some places are only for families. In this way Atrium club has always been a family place and families from noble community feel secure and safe to enjoy in comforting environment of Atrium club in melting summer. If they allow people from different communities or neighborhoods then the club not only lose integrity or image but also this is a violation of basic human right of those families who are in majority and have been coming to this club for years. It is a human nature to live in groups but that is also a fact that they feel secure and comfortable to live with people of same kind and background and this is also the structure of the current world order so by allowing people of different backgrounds not only create problem for the current members but this will also create problems for club management to provide specialized services with full efficiency because same community have same needs but different community has different requirements and they may ask for…

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