Global Lead Mining Market to 2020 – Growth, Share, Size, Industry, Production and Consumption

The Global Nickel Mining to 2020 report comprehensively covers the historical and forecast data on global nickel mine production and consumption to 2020 and reserves (also by country) and trade. The report also includes drivers and restraints affecting the global nickel mining industry, profiles of major nickel mining companies and information on the major active, exploration and development projects by region.
Executive Summary :Mine production in 2013 was 2.3 metric tonnes (Mt), up by 5.6% over 2012 with Indonesia being the largest producer, followed by the Philippines and Russia. The global nickel mining industry in 2013 was characterized by a situation of oversupply, especially as new facilities commenced production in New Caledonia, Brazil, Madagascar and Myanmar. However, with Indonesian supplies coming to a halt in the beginning of 2014, the prospects have brightened.To get details at: :The report contains an overview of the global nickel mining industry together with the key growth factors and restraints affecting the industry. It also provides information about reserves, production, prices, major exporting and importing countries, competitive landscape and major active, exploration and development projects.
Key Highlights :• 2014 saw a reversal in fortune as prices firmed up due to a halt in supply from Indonesia, which had a share of around 17.7% of global mine production and political tensions between the West and Russia over Ukraine.• There were significant global nickel reserves of 74Mt as at the end of February 2014, with Australia accounting for the majority at 18Mt or 24.3%, followed by New Caledonia, with a share of 16.2% and Brazil with 11.4%. • Global refined nickel metal consumption was 1.8Mt in 2013, an increase of 6.9% over the previous year, and is projected to post a CAGR of 1.1% over the forecast period, to reach 2Mt in 2020 due to…

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