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BIS 155 Course Project Excel Project (Devry) For more course tutorials visit
The general instructions for this project can be found in the Week 6 Lecture material. The Week 6 Lecture describes the assignment and provides an overview of the project as a whole. There are no step-by-steps for the course project. The following are grading criteria for this project.*******************************************************************************************************************************BIS 155 Entire Course (Devry) For more course tutorials visit
www.uophelp.comBIS 155 Course Project: Excel Project
BIS 155 Lab 1 of 7: Saddle River Marching Band
BIS 155 Lab 2 of 7: Excel’s Advanced Formulas & Functions
BIS 155 Lab 3 of 7: Alice Barr Realty Analysis
BIS 155 Lab 4 of 7: Create Address Labels
BIS 155 Lab 5 of 7: Bruno’s Pizza Analysis
BIS 155 Lab 6 of 7: Day Care Center
BIS 155 Lab 7 of 7: Access Database

******************************************************************************************************************************BIS 155 Lab 1 of 7: Saddle River Marching Band (Devry) For more course tutorials visit
www.uophelp.comLab 1 of 7: Saddle River Marching Band (50 Points)
Submit your assignment to the Dropbox located on the silver tab at the top of this page.
You are the assistant to the band director for the Upper Saddle River Marching Band, and you must prepare a report showing the status of the marching band fundraising event for presentation to the board of trustees. The report will summarize all sales of all items and include the total profit-to-date with the amount remaining to reach the profit goal. You will open the partially completed workbook, create formulas, format for presentation to the board, and add charts to graphically depict the sales over time and by product….

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