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MichaelEng.- 111-621
26 September 2015
Hong Kong and back: Chinese New Year 2012
My trip had been planned for many months. The anticipation of my first excursion to Asia was very exciting. Hong Kong is the N.Y. of Asia. A financial city. Built among the centuries old and very new sky scrappers. 80 story sky scrappers being built with a hue of green surrounding them. Bamboo scaffolding strung together to build the condos and office buildings. Yes bamboo strung together 80 stories high where the workers climb and work.
My flight from Charlotte to Dallas, then to Tokyo. Tokyo will be my last stop before a short leg, arriving 5 hrs. later in Hong Kong. That was a grueling, butt numbing 23 hrs. of flight time. Then you add crossing the international dateline and losing 12 hrs. in the blink of an eye. I left on Fri. and arrived Sat. night. It is late Jan. winter in Hong Kong. A foggy misty night , even unusual for this time of year.
After checking in I had to go and see the local district of MongKok. It was a short 15 minute walk. Mongkok is very different at night. The black markets sellers are set up everywhere. Side alley’s everywhere in the district are full. Every imaginable nick nak made in China is available here. T shirts, watches, purses, jewelry, everything you could imagine and more. The street food vendors are mostly very good. Real Chinese street food. As Midnight approaches I head back to The Royal Plaza Hotel where my suite on the 17th floor awaits.
Waking up early Sunday morning as usual, I looked out the window to see that the Chinese New Year had already began. Absolutely, beautiful even from the 17th story. Flowers lined the streets, for blocks. I hurried to get dressed to head down to the street, video cameraman in hand, I was mesmerized at the beauty of all the flowers, hearing the chatter of many Chinese dialects. I could not understand a word but it did not matter. The air was filled with the musky, beautiful smell of flowers. More…

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