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Small Town or Big City When people talk about where they prefer to live, a big city or a small town, different people have different point of views. Some people might say that a small town is boring while others may say that big cities are to compact. While many people feel that a big city is a good place to live, others believe that the opposite is true. The following essay will demonstrate exactly why other people chose to live in a small town rather than living in a big city.
First off, small towns do not have as much pollution (such as smog, noise, light, thermal, and radiative) as there would be in big cities. For example “Compared to the life in cities, there’s less hue & cry in small places. Life’s more complacent than complicated. You can breathe fresh air or enjoy being in spacious fields. Although not necessarily, but often you’ll find that people residing in low-profile areas are less provoked with health issues. Mainly it is because the atmosphere’s healthy and hygienic and that’s reflected in people’s’ lives.” (“Lesser noise & pollution level, hence good health”) Examples of cities with high pollution include Los Angeles-Long Beach, Visalia-Porterville-Hanford, Bakersfield, Fresno-Madera, Houston-The Woodlands, Dallas-Fort Worth, Las Vegas-Henderson, Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale, Sacramento-Roseville, Modesto-Merced. In addition, cities with low pollution include Prescott, Farmington, Cheyenne, Casper, and Flagstaff.
Secondly, Small towns are more personal and secure than big cities. In small town, People are usually known about each other’s personal lives such as jobs, children’s name, ages, and hobbies. Moreover, people normally know who owns the local stores or restaurants. On the other hand, big cities are impersonal because of their size. Therefore, people cannot meet each other easily. This is supported by, “From your neighborhood, grocer, shopkeeper to your banker, everyone knows you. Being absent-minded once I collected my dresses from the…

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