Case Report

Case Report
John, a 6-year old, was referred to the Care Connections Ministry and the Counseling Ministry for an interdisciplinary team evaluation due to Family development and behavioral concerns. John’s mother, Jessica, accompanied him to the assessment and was interviewed by the social worker. Jessica stated that she wanted to know what was wrong with John and what she could do to help him.
John lives with his mother Jessica and his aunt Sue, in the city. John’s mother has a high school diploma but did not attend college.
Jessica works as a nurse’s aide in a nursing home approximately thirty-five miles from where they live. Prior to getting her job, Jessica receives government assistance. She got her job through the required work program and has been working there for three years. She reports that her job is stressful, but is glad that she has a job and is no longer receiving TANF. Jessica makes $9 hour. Jessica works the second shift so she is not home when John gets home from school. Her sister, Sue, is Jessica’s day care provider. Sue does not have a steady job, but does odd jobs during the day. Jessica reports that she trusts Sue to take care of her son and that she is grateful to have her because she could not afford to pay a day care provider. Jessica reports that she always worries about money. The cost of gas has really affected her because she has a long commute to work. She also reports that her car is unreliable, and that there is no bus line that serves her area.
Jessica said she divorced John’s father because he was emotionally abusive to her and physically abusive to John. She said he still lives two blocks away and watches her home to see who comes and goes. Jessica said she is concerned about John having contact with his father because of the abuse history. She reports that prior to this relationship she was in a physically abusive relationship with another man. She also reported a history of sexual abuse as a child….

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