Aux Introvert

First FriendIt was dark outside yet its morning already when Aux awoke from his deep slumber. He was literally pissed off because of the ruckus made by the rings of the phone. Evidently without choice, he got off from the bed and answered it.
“Hey sweetie! Are you doing fine at your new pad?”
“Yes mom.” Aux is still very sleepy due to the cold weather yet he lazily continued talking to his mom.
“Are you all set for school? Aww, I’m sorry that I can no longer make some breakfast for you. By the way, have you eaten already? Did you take some quick shower? Are you in your uniform now? Are you—“
“Mom! I’m fine. Don’t worry about me. I am doing fine. And it’s still very early.”
“Wait up; you didn’t set your clock again did you?” Aux automatically went to the clock and her mom was right. He did not set his clock and it is now—
“Mom, it’s already pass seven! Oh geez, my class will start at eight. Bye mom, call you later. ”
He ended quickly the call without hearing her mother’s reply. Aux moved quickly as fast as he could and run to the university. Luckily, he arrived two minutes before the time; however, the problem is he did not know where his class room is located.
He is Aux Garnett, 20 years old and a freshman at Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan. He is taking up BS Accountancy and never been into any intimate relationship towards the opposite gender. He claims to be an introvert for this is what he has been called since he was in high school. He promised himself not to be misjudged again by other people same with what happened during his past school years.
Garnett arrived at school two minutes before the bell, yet the problem is he did not attend the campus tour for freshmen yesterday. As a result, he is now at lost in his first day of class. In point of fact, he can easily ask any student he can find. However, he is not that type of a person. We can say he has that pride and it was instill in his mind that he can stand alone. As…

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