My most memorable educational experience

Katia Aharodnik
EDUC 105
March, 22, 2009
My most memorable educational experience
When I look back on my school years a lot of great things come up to my memory. In my school in Belarus we had wonderful teachers. Most of them were well- qualified professionals, who cared about students as individuals. In our school every teacher had his own methods and approach in teaching the subject and encouraging students to achieve good results. It seems to me, that in Belarus as well as other Eastern European countries the educational methods and curriculum were quite different: probably , more demanding , strict and overwhelming than it is in US.
When I was in the fifth grade we had a Russian language teacher who I remember up till today not only as a nice personality, but most of all as a great professional.
Russian language has a very complex grammar and even for the native speaker it takes strengths and practice to obtain the knowledge of it. What we, as the fifth graders, were asked to do was to have a separate notebook with the rules in it. The most important part for us was to simplify the rule by drawing pictures, schemes, charts in colors, working on our own. Thus we learnt grammar , classifying more and less important material . We were not only reading and memorizing, we had to come to analyzing the rule and understanding it. Creating a visual representation and working independently, we got to remember the Russian grammar even better. In the fifth grade we were very engaged in such type of learning because we were interested in what we were doing. Of course, we were responsible for knowing the rule, because we were called out to the board to represent your understanding and teaching the rule to the classmates afterwards.
Another thing that I remember is that we were given four words to compose a verse. It developed…

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