monkeys paw

!I do believe that wishes and desires can have unexpected and negative outcomes. I feel
this way because of a personal experience. For as long as I could remember ive been a
competitive swimmer, swimming for most of my life was all I knew my daily routine went
something like this Eat, swim sleep after doing that for 10 years things started getting a
little boring I wouldn’t be as excited to go and train for championship meets and
swimming just wasn’t giving me that explosive adrenalin I was looking for, so I started
wishing that I wasn’t a swimmer and that I’d be able to find it in myself to walk away
from the pool and hang my googles,months went by and nothing I was still waking up at
4am to jump into a freezing cold pool to train for something I didn’t want to be a part of
until October 30th 2012 after a long stressful day of school I show up to practice and
start training we were doing something called starts and I was pushed off the block by
this kid on my teammate for absolutely no reason so I got up and pushed him back and
as I did that I saw my coach approach me push me and yell at me after the altercation I
was off the team and my wish came true. Within only a few months of being out of the
water I knew the outcome was no longer a wish come true. The monkeys paw
demonstrates  that wishing for something won’t always have a positive outcome, for
example if mr.White  had known the price to pay for two hundred pounds was the life of
his own son Herbert, he would of thought twice before making that wish.!
In addition the story also shows that we need to be excepting of our life’s, content and
happy with what we are given.!
In the story ms.white uses her second and third with to be bring Herbert back, this
causes and even worst result. She should of been accepting of what had happened and
left the paw alone like mr.white suggested. Also in the beginning of the book if mr.white
had been content with his life and listened to his wife…

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