A woman by the name of Cynthia Avellaneda had two daughters both around the age of seven. At the time she was living with a man who did not support her well enough to raise these two children. She later discovered that she was pregnant with a third child, but unfortunately for her, it was not planned. Due to the circumstances of her poor living status at the time, she had made the decision to abort her third child before she started showing any signs of pregnancy. She made this decision without the approval of any family member, including her spouse. Of course at the time she did not know the effects of aborting a child, but she did it because she did not want to raise her next child in a poor environment.
Her biggest worry was that her husband at the time was not supporting her or her children like he should. Instead he went out dealing drugs. All she was able to think about was that the third child would be living a poor life if it were to be born. She thought she was making the right choice by aborting what could have been her third child, but several years later, she realized that her choice was a mistake. According to Cynthia, she felt an empty space in her heart because she would never be able to know if the child she aborted could have become someone important in the world. She was left questioning whether the child would have become a doctor or if the child would have been an athlete. Because of her sudden interest on who the child could have become, she was left in a state of depression.
After some time, she told me she realized that her decision to abort the baby was the right choice because even after the abortion she continued lived in a poor environment around drugs and other bad influences that would not have been an acceptable environment to raise a child. Women should be allowed to at least have to option to abort their pregnancy, especially if it is a choice made out of good intentions.
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