Right VS Wrong Tezuka

The theme of “right vs wrong” and “good vs evil is a timeless debate, which is why Tezuka uses it in all his short stories like “Is There A Doctor”. He gets this theme from the western culture because he loved Disney, and he tries to incorporate it in all his writings, an according to all his fans and supporters he’s the “Walt Disney of Japan” and/or The Father of Manga. What happens in the short story “Is There A Doctor” is a wealthy billionaire (Mr.Nikula) brat of a son, ironically named Acudo (Japanese for Brat) , gets into a near fatal car accident basically rendering him incapacitated and after a long search for a surgeon they find Black Jack to operate and save his life. But the downfall is that they need another body for the organs because obviously his are all squished and irreparable. So they accuse and convict (by bribery) an innocent bystander (Davy,a seamstresses’ son) of attempted murder because he apparently “obstructed the vehicle and caused the accident” and his sentence is death but a portion of his body will be used to save Acudo.
Now here is where our favorite anti-hero is given the big decision of; taking an innocent life and helping someone who will only do more harm than good OR let the troublemaker pass and have on his conscious that an innocent person is dead because of him……but being the genius that black jack is he thinks of an off the wall solution of, simply switching the faces by putting Davy’s face on Acudo’s dead body and vice versa, therefore fooling Mr. Wealthy Billionaire into thinking it’s his beloved son and still getting paid. After the bandages come off a couple months later after the surgery, he’s elated that his “son” is okay but the first chance he gets he escapes the hospital and returns to his with the money that black jack gave him.

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