The effects of bad parenting on a child
No parent is perfect and is likely make some mistakes, both big and small, as they raise their child. This is a normal part of parenting and isn’t likely to have lasting effects on your child, as long as they work hard not to repeat their mistakes. However, consistently poor parenting can have negative consequences during childhood and beyond. Understanding them helps you make the best decisions you can for your child. Good morning to one and all. Today I will be telling you the effects of bad parenting on a child.
There are many effects of bad parenting but the most common effect is the behavior of the child. Research at the Department of Education in England found that children whose parents made bad decisions regarding their upbringing were more likely to have behavior problems. For example, if you tell your child “no,” but give up if they throw a fit, the child knows that acting that way is going to get her what she wants. Inconsistent discipline leaves your child not knowing what to expect, which can lead to them refusing to listen and resistance. If they sometimes lose privileges for bad marks, but other times you let it go, they might not worry about another low mark because they may get through without a consequence.
Another major effect is the lack of trust between parent and child. For example, if parents promise to take their child to the shop to do something fun, but end up not doing that, they might get the idea that they can’t trust their parent to do what the parent said they are going to do. If parents repeatedly tell their child that they can come to them and talk about anything, but then the parent gets angry when they tell them something you don’t like to hear, they possibly will feel like they can’t trust their parents next time something big happens. This lack of trust could mean the parents’ child is doing things on their own and with friends that parents don’t know about.

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