TOK Motherhood

TOK Vincent 11B
Topic: Motherhood
Main AOK: Human Sciences
Related AOK: Indigenous knowledge systems, ethicsKnowledge claims:
1. The art and science of mothering is a skill that goes beyond being a gift from life.
2. Societal changes taking place all over the world which can lead into generation gap.
3. A woman is known to have become a mother when she gives birth to a child.Ways of Knowing:
1. Reasons: Mother need to be aware of societal changes and build a bridge for their children because the social changes such as domestic helpers can take place all over the world and lead into a generation gap.
2. Emotion: The emotion that shown by the child’s mother can changes the way the child behave.
3. Intuition: Dr Al Ani realizes of the serious issues that happen in the society and therefore he established the university for mother and family science because he noticed that the divorce rate in the society is very high.
4. Faith: Experts believe that by giving full and best attention to the child, a mother becomes truly great.Personal and Shared Knowledge:
1. Personal: Dr Al Ani believes that being a good mother is not just a gift of nature but also a skill that needs to be studied.Shared: Experts believe that mothering is profession and women need to study and learn how to be mothers.2. Personal: Dr Al Ani believes establishing such a university in the region is important due to the many serious issues confronting the society.Shared: The University of College for Mother and Family science was established to teach woman how to become strong and skilled mothers.Knowledge framework (main AOK)
1. Scope: Dr Al Ani established the university because he noticed that the divorce rate and domestic help problems rise which are the issues in that happen in the region
2. Language: All the information that deliver to the child is the most important thing because it can affect the child’s characteristics.
3. Historical Developments:…

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