ACC 340 Week 3 E – Business – Material 100% Original Work ( A + Graded )

ACC 340 Week 3 E – Business – Material 100% Original Work ( A + Graded )
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The business that I have selected that started out as a traditional business is Blockbuster. The organization made the decision to enter the new E-Business era to gain the advantages and to keep up with a competitive market. The decision comes along with many advantages but also presents many challenges such as regulations and an obligation to protect their customers.
Advantages of an E-Business
The biggest advantage of entering the E-Business is that a company like Blockbuster gains a broader audience for its products. For instance, any consumer that has access to the internet instantly becomes a potential customer. This is a big advantage over the traditional business processes where customers have to come into the store to view and make their decisions on purchasing a product. The convenience of ordering products from the comfort of one’s own homes increases sales that otherwise would not be possible. These days, it hard to imagine doing business of any kind without the Internet (Lofton, 2006). Blockbuster realized that companies like Netflix, their competitors were realizing great profits from online business. The move has saved the company Blockbuster for the moment.
Disadvantages and Risks of an E-Business
Opening an E-Business has many advantages but also has its disadvantages. Some of the disadvantages include e-business startup costs, investment in data protection, online business regulations, and since E-Business extends a company world-wide international legal issues are of concern.ACC 340 Week 3 E – Business – Material 100% Original Work ( A + Graded )…

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