Executive Summary
This report reviews the exclusivity of Sleek Make-up to Sperdrug a chain of retail stores in a prime location of Formby, Liverpool. I am specifically targeting 20-24 year old women.
With accessibility to the latest trends this range offers high quality prestige performance make up offering attractive packaging and strong pigmentation eye shadows. Sleek currently service the UK and International market. The brand is against animal testing and suitable for vegans. There will be an initial set up cost of ?2000. This will soon pay for itself with a 45% retail mark up.
This report covers the marketing mix and reveals the communication tools offering 20% discounts and multi buy options while using all social media platform advertising with no cost to the store.
The introduction of pop up shops in retail outlets such as bridal boutiques and fashion outlets will ultimately raise the profile of the brand and secure a further 10% of sales through popularity and word of mouth.
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Part 1a
The product offering
The product that I propose to introduce to my Formby Superdrug store is Sleek Make-up. The company has been established for over 20 years and services the beauty industry within the UK and international markets. Sleek is one of the fastest growing brands offering prestige products at affordable prices. The extensive range covers fair to dark skin tones. With accessibility to the latest trends this range offers high quality superior performance make up. Its clever packaging and striking palettes appeals to all age ranges prices start at…

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