Family Health Assessment

The principle basis of Family Health Assessment is to guarantee that the soundness of people and families are approached in a comprehensive way with the patient being the focal point of centering. It guarantees that fitting intercession methods are adjusted to address the wellbeing needs of families whether genuine or potential. Numerous families and people who have potential issues may require a strong mediation with the goal that wellbeing increase is maintained. To evaluate these potential or genuine issues attendants utilize the Gordon Assessment, which has 11 segments to survey a family’s wellbeing. This gives a skeleton whereby a solid center is laid on viable nursing intercessions and conclusions. This procedure makes medical attendants take part in social insurance frameworks at the group, national, hierarchical and global levels as leaders .Based on this a meeting was led with an Indian family and the 11 parts of Gordon’s evaluation were used to survey and comprehend the health and wellbeing of the crew.
The family consists of grandmother aged 65, grandfather aged 70, father 45, mother 40 and two boys 13 and 10.The father is Information Technology consultant, the mother is full time Registered Nurse. Family health assessment done, Grandfather is hypertensive, grandmother is diabetic, obese and has occasional constipation, mother is obese and father is smoker with borderline cholesterol level.
Health Perception
The family has positive attitude about health .All members do regular checkups and age related screening procedures like colonoscopy and mammogram. The Grandfather and Grandmother take medications. The father is a smoker trying to quit .The children are healthy and are immunized.
Nutritional Pattern
The family tries to eat healthy but they go out to eat in the restaurant every weekend .They eat rice, meat ,fish and vegetables .The grandmother is diabetic and has constipation .So she eat a lot of vegetables and drink a lot of fluids….

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