XYZ Company HR Department Overhaul

XYZ Company HR Department Overhaul
Ron Connelly
HRMN 300
September 27, 2014
The Human Resource (HR) Department at XYZ Company is in need of a massive makeover as they grow in their current environment and expand into new a territory. With the hiring of their new HR Director, Doris Washington, the company will need to determine a short and long term plan of action to revamp the department and company. With the expansion into Canada, XYZ Company now has a tight deadline to complete this overhaul before the new office opens.Identify the three key issues or potential problems Doris is likely to face as HR Director
The company currently has several areas that are in need of immediate attention before they can move forward with a productive department. Key areas where Doris will need to focus her attention are establishing a baseline interview process, ensuring all aspects of the hiring process are in accordance with all applicable laws and societal standards, and expanding the hiring pool from which candidates are selected. Select two of these potential problems and address the following questions as bullet points
Two specific areas needing more analysis are the interview process and expanding the sources from which potential candidates are sought.What are some of the complexities of these issuesCurrently, XYZ Company allows the hiring managers to create their own interview questions, which in a sense takes the HR Department out of the process. “Job interviews are the most common way of selecting employees for various organizational positions” (Akhtar, 2012). The initial interview process should begin with a member of the HR Department to establish whether or not the candidate meets the company standards for employment and has a general understanding of what is expected if hired. During this initial HR Department interview, they can also determine if the candidate is right for the position applied for…

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