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ANTH 1001B/ Fall 2015ANTH 1001B – PAPER #2
Topic: Producing Cultural Meaning in Everyday Life: The Webs We Spin
Due: Nov 24; hard copy submission to TA in seminar
PROMPT: Select one topic: kinship, class, migration, religion, health and the body, or art/media. Then pick one
example from your own life, i.e. something you have personally observed or experienced. Read the corresponding
chapter in book– and identify specific concepts and analyses that you can use to structure your own analysis. Where
and how do you see cultural meaning getting made (webs getting spun) in that particular situationIn paper #1, the object was to write about structures of power and inequality (i.e. race and racism) and how those
are socially reproduced. In this paper, you’re encouraged to look at culture in more depth and to excavate the
specific ways in which you see cultural meaning being made and expressed. To do that, take a look back at Ch. 2
(pp. 35-70) and find analyses or concepts to assist you with your interpretation of cultural meaning making.


•Three pages double-spaced (3 pp.), no more no less
One-inch margins and 12 pt. font
Include page numbers
No extra spaces between paragraphs
Use concepts from textbook to craft and structure your analysis (see below for examples)
Use explanatory style. Explain what you see going on, what things matter, and how they matter.
First person voice is acceptable and encouraged (example: “In this paper I talk about religious community
and how I see people producing that, through particular gestures of the body and uses of space, in the
mosque where I attend Friday prayers.”) Also ok to use 3rd person.
No outside sources. Textbook and lecture only.
No bibliography. In-text citation for all text and lecture references (see below for format).
Must be printed and submitted to TA.
Include your name, TA’s name, and ANTH 1001B on…

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